Mayor Scott Singer was the only council member to vote no on the single biggest upzoning in our city’s history. He said no to any residential units in “Midtown” without further planning and public outreach. Singer stopped a plan to add 2,000 more residential units when another council member wanted to accede to a developer’s request. With just these votes, Scott’s stood up against an additional 4,500 units and 500,000 sq. ft. of commercial property – far more than has been approved in total in the last four years.  He has also opposed proposals to expand the areas in Downtown Boca where taller buildings would be allowed, and voted for height limits in residential areas along the barrier island.  His calls for more meaningful open space were instrumental in changing a 13-year policy that now require more open space for downtown projects. Scott also stood alone on the city council in opposing rezoning the Wildflower site as commercial, and partnered with residents on the plan in place for an urban green space to be a focal point for downtown.

A review of all of Mayor Scott Singer representative votes on development issues:

  • Midtown – Rejected zoning that would have enabled 2,500 residential units near Town Center Mall, Glades Plaza, and Boca Center. Instead, allowed ZERO units until more planning for traffic and roadways and public outreach sessions will occur.  (Jan. 2018, Ord. 5433-35)
  • University Village – Sole vote against city’s single biggest upzoning and 500,000 sq. ft. of development.  Opposed traffic assumptions and forced changes to project to protect neighbors. (Nov. 2015, Ord. 5328)
  • Northwest PM – First council member to oppose plan to add 2,000 more apartments to Northwest Boca; Singer’s opposition torpedoed plan (July 2015, Ord. 5312)
  • Wildflower – Stood alone on city council to oppose rezoning Wildflower parcel as commercial and Houston’s deal. Held Waterfront Visioning Session with residents to develop plan for recreational, green space and pedestrian promenade (July 2016, Ord. 5353)
  • Hidden Valley – Opposed residential upzoning on recreational land because of traffic impacts (April 2018, Ord. 5444)
  • Height Limits Near Beach – Preserved character of barrier island by implementing height limits near single-family residences  (March 2017, Ord. 5384)
  • Height Limits Downtown – First council member to oppose plan to expand area downtown where taller buildings could be built; opposition helped stop developer’s plan.  (2015)

Other Votes To Protect Character of Boca

  • First council member to call for more meaningful open space downtown and led vote to increase open space requirements (Dec. 2015)
  • Consistently voted against downtown projects that lacked enough parking (2014, 2015, 2018)
  • Only council member to vote against variance to allow 4-boat “mini-marina” at home on Intracoastal (Feb. 2018)
  • Multiple voter to increase parks and green space and waterfront space (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Changed law to take campaign and other signs of medians and public green space (2014)
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