After decades of delay by the city, Scott supported the expansion of Hillsboro El Rio Park and remediation of a former landfill site. Scott voted for the reopening of long-closed canoe and kayak trails and expanded boating access at Lake Wyman and Rutherford Park. Scott voted against rezoning recreational lands at both Hidden Valley and the Wildflower.  His work on the Waterfront Visioning Session led to plans that are being implemented for a wide pedestrian promenade between Wildflower and Silver Palm Park.  Singer supports continued work with the Beach & Park District to turn the long-closed Boca Teeca course in Boca National. No longer will each election season see signs littering our medians and rights of way, because he sponsored a law to reclaim that public space and keep our roadways green and beautiful all of the time. Scott is proud to have pushed for more landscape beautification, and the creation of a city Sustainability Task Force. Recently, Scott offered a multi-point plan designed to reduce single-use and disposable plastic items and encourage collaboration between residents, business, and city government. He’ll continue to work to maintain and enhance the experience for beachgoers and provide better access to the beaches, parks, and playing fields for all residents.

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