Strategic Planning Recap

Sep 10, 2022
Dear Neighbors, in my recent updates, you read about some of the key business initiatives that we are pursuing to continue to ensure a healthy economy, as well as ongoing enhancements to our infrastructure. This month’s update has more about our city budget and low

Boca Raton – Home of Real Solutions – Real Results

Aug 10, 2022
Last month, I discussed some of the goals that came out of strategic planning sessions for maintaining a healthy economy in Boca Raton. This issue will focus on recent improvements to our delivering real results for residents for the roadways, schools, and utility systems we

Making Boca Raton the Best Place to Do Business

Jul 10, 2022
Like many strong organizations, the City of Boca Raton regularly reviews and sets long-term goals as part of a strategic planning process. Last month, the City held its 2022 planning sessions where the Mayor and City Council, senior management, department heads, and the public all


Jan 1, 2022
TEN THINGS TO LOVE ABOUT BOCA RATON 1. (Image credit/ TripAdvisor) Mizner Park – From luxury brand shopping to dining at some of the area’s most popular eateries, Mizner Park is perfect for a night out with the family or date night. Throughout the year,

Top Ten Tips for Hurricane Prep

Dec 15, 2021
Top Ten Tips for Hurricane Prep While living in the sunshine state of Florida has its perks, like being closely compared to a never-ending vacation, we must always be mindful that our geographical location has a  high propensity for natural disasters. No matter the intensity,
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